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Our Journey and Mission !!

WE established in 1980 and since then, has earned name as marble manufacturer, supplier, contractor & exporter-importer of all kinds of marbles & granites.
We have our own marble mines, processing centers, godowns & retail outlets which cater to the needs of our customers at a competitive price with better quality.

  • Benefit Number One

    Benefit Number One

    We provide you a wide range of Marble varieties in all sizes.

  • Benefit Number Two

    Benefit Number Two

    Floor design solutions are available in various shapes & sizes especially.

  • Benefit Number Three

    Benefit Number Three

    We deal into all the varieties of marbles including Doongri, Albeto, Adanga.

  • Benefit Number Four

    Benefit Number Four

    We have our own skilled artisans who artistically prepare all the embedded designs.

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  • We Deliver Best Quality Marbles all over India

    We Deliver Best Quality Marbles all over India

    Excellence always delivered to all our customers. Makrana marble is basically a god quality of marble. It also known as milky white marble. this marble have white color , gray and panther brown looks..

  • Our Products and Commitment -

    Our Products and Commitment -

    As a pan India & global marble and granite slabs supplier, we cater to the needs of customers round the world and work to ensure that the best products are delivered at competitive price. We take client relationship as our top priority which ensures the absence of delays and issues are resolved promptly.

  • Varieties of Marbles We Deliver -

    Varieties of Marbles We Deliver -

    We export Doongri, Devi , Ulodi, Saabwali, Gulabi, Kumari, Neharkhan, Matabhar, Matabhar kumari, Chuck doongri, Chosira etc. all over India.